Rehoming a dog 

If you are looking to rehome a dog from the Ashton Dog Pound you would have to come meet our wonderful dogs. Our kennel-hands are very helpful  at your visits they can  help you choose the perfect family pet for you .  

Before committing to adopt a dog we recommend for you to think about the below

  • Do you have time for a dog?

  • Why do you want a dog?

  • Can you afford to look after a dog?

  • Can you give this dog a forever home?

  • Are you willing to put time and patience into training your new dog?

  • Are you willing to give this dog the best life possible?

The perfect dog

Once you have found the perfect dog for you/your family you will have to fill in an adoption request form.


The form will then go through our rehoming officer who will review the request form(Please note home checks apply and that by filling in a request form does not mean the dog is booked to you)

On arrival to rehome a dog please note you will need a dog licence which can be purchased at your local post office or online on the An post website

(Do not buy dog licence before you get approved as you are not guaranteed you will get to rehome the dog and will not be reimbursed for the licence)


Please note adoption fee applies which includes microchip


Also any dog being re-homed will have

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